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Most Accurate Fantasy Football Experts: Draft Sharks Takes The Crown

By Lenny Pappano | Updated on Thu, 16 May 2024 . 11:49 AM EDT
Jared Smola of Draft Sharks leads the most accurate fantasy football experts after winning Fantasy Pros' multi-year rankings accuracy competition.

A great draft is key to winning your fantasy football league.

And the path to a great draft begins with the most accurate fantasy football rankings ...


Most Accurate Fantasy Football Rankings Live Here

It started in our first season of 1999. We took down the Pro Forecast magazine “Experts Poll.”

Fast forward to 2024 — and we’ve won more than our share of accuracy awards over two-plus decades. Including:

Draft Sharks Wins Fantasy Pros 3-Year Rolling Accuracy Title

Every fantasy accuracy award we’ve won has been sweet. But our crowning achievement might have been this summer. Jared Smola, our lead analyst, won the Fantasy Pros 3-Year Rolling Accuracy Title.

Rank Most Accurate Experts site
1 Jared Smola Draft Sharks
2 Rob Waziak Fantasy Life
3 Nick Zylak Fantasy Football Advice
4Ryan Noonan4for4
5Francisco (Chato) RomeroEstadio Fantasy

A Model of (Player Rankings) Consistency Over the Last 3 Years

That’s a first-place finish out of 247 fantasy football analysts over a three-year stretch!! What makes Jared’s win so special is the number of competitors he beat.

And now we can objectively say:

The most consistently accurate fantasy football rankings in the industry over the past three seasons drive our fantasy football tools and advice.

How Do We Get Such Accurate Player Rankings Every Year?

Is it science or art? The answer is – both. Nearly every other fantasy site brags about using formulas in coming up with player rankings. We have our statistical models, too. But where the real magic happens is in breaking down film; putting eyes on player trends and offseason changes… Then applying that intuition and knowledge to our preseason projections!

We Weaponize the Most Accurate Expert Rankings (Draft War Room):

It’s super important to create accurate rankings for fantasy players like you. What’s just as important is to weaponize them so you can crush your draft competition. That’s why we created our “Draft War Room” (DWR).  The DWR applies 17 draft value indicators to our player projections to give you customized draft picks in every round.     

We Use a Live-Draft Sync to Create an Unrivaled Draft Tool:

Our live-draft sync seamlessly integrates our Draft War Room tool with your league’s draft platform. That means you get suggested player picks in real time. This tool automatically re-ranks players based on a variety of factors including:

  • positional scarcity
  • team needs
  • breakout potential
  • and bust risks

Way more powerful than just using player rankings (even if they are the best in the industry).

Get Instant Access to the Draft War Room & Live-Draft Sync


Live-Draft Sync & Accurate Rankings: Features of this Game Changer

Are you ready to find out how our player rankings and seamless live-draft sync can set you up to crush your draft?  Check it out:

Easy Setup: 

Setting up is a breeze. In just a few clicks, you can align the Draft Sharks Live-Draft Sync tool with your league's specific settings. Forget the hassle of juggling multiple accounts across platforms. It integrates smoothly with top platforms like Yahoo, ESPN, CBS Sports, Sleeper, and seven others.

Instant Draft Board Updates: 

As your league picks players, your board refreshes instantly. You'll always be up to date on which players have been chosen, ensuring you don't miss out. Even better, the tool automatically adjusts your player rankings after each selection – thanks to the Draft War Room algorithm working behind the scenes for you.

Unparalleled Stability: 

Designed for flawless performance, this tool guarantees a smooth, interruption-free draft experience. Say goodbye to mid-draft crashes or annoying delays in updates. It simply delivers without a hitch.

What Our Live-Draft Sync and Player Rankings Mean for You

  • Save Time and Deliver Customized Player Picks: Your expert player rankings are automatically loaded and ready to go. Forget manually tracking which players have been picked—this tool does it for you. Then when it’s your turn to draft – you’ll get instant player suggestions, all based on expert rankings plus a strategic algorithm.
  • Stress-Free Draft Day: Rely on rock-solid technology that backs up your drafting decisions. Let everyone else panic while on the clock. You’ve hit draft day nirvana. Focus on selecting a team based on award-winning rankings while the live-draft sync does all the heavy lifting.

Get Immediate Access to Live-Draft Syncing Today


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who has been the most accurate fantasy football expert?

Jared Smola of Draft Sharks was rated the most accurate fantasy football expert by Fantasy Pros. Smola won their Multi-Year Projection Accuracy Award.  That’s a competition among fantasy experts that considers their 3-year success rate.  

Who gives the best fantasy football advice?

Draft Sharks gives the best fantasy football advice based on their accuracy awards. Jared Smola recently claimed the title of most accurate fantasy football analyst by winning Fantasy Pros’ Multi-Year Projection Accuracy Award.

Who are the best fantasy football predictors?

The best fantasy football predictors are Draft Sharks. They’ve won multiple accuracy awards since 1999 – including the Multi-Year Projection Accuracy Award from Fantasy Pros. That’s a competition that measures player prediction accuracy over 3 seasons.

Who are the fantasy pros experts?

There are numerous Fantasy Pros experts, including Jared Smola from Draft Sharks. Smola is the most accurate fantasy football projections analyst of all the fantasy pros experts.  He’s won their accuracy competition for the latest 3-season period.

Who is the most trusted fantasy football analyst?

The most trusted fantasy football analyst is the most accurate fantasy football analyst. And that would be Jared Smola from Draft Sharks, winner of the Multi-Year Projection Accuracy Award. That award goes to the fantasy football analyst with the most accurate projections for a 3-year period.

What is the best fantasy football optimizer?

The best fantasy football optimizer was created by Draft Sharks. It’s called their Draft War Room draft tool. It pairs with the Draft Sharks live-draft sync to make a real-time fantasy draft tool.

Is draft sharks accurate?

Draft Sharks won the latest Multi-Year Projection Accuracy Award from Fantasy Pros. We provide a Live-Draft Sync, powered by our Draft War Room draft tool. You can access all this advice and help as easily through our app as on our site.

Who is the most accurate draft expert?

Jared Smola is the most accurate draft expert according to Fantasy Pros.  Smola, a draft expert for Draft Sharks, won the Multi-Year Projection Accuracy Award. That award is given out to the most accurate expert for a 3-year rolling period. 

What is the most accurate fantasy football app?

The most accurate fantasy football app has to be Draft Sharks. That’s because they recently won the Multi-Year Projection Accuracy Award from Fantasy Pros. Jared Smola is recognized as the most accurate draft expert based on winning the Multi-Year Projection Accuracy Award.

Lenny Pappano Author Image
Lenny Pappano, Co-Founder
Lenny is a pivotal industry player, co-founding Draft Sharks back in the infancy of fantasy football (1999). He also established the World Championship of Fantasy Football in 2002, receiving the inaugural Matthew Berry “Game Changer Award” in 2018 for its profound impact. Additionally, as a founding Fantasy Sports Writers Association board member, he has helped shape fantasy sports journalism.
Other rankings are stale  before the 2nd round.

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  1. Exact league settings - direct sync
  2. Opponent and Team Needs
  3. Positional scarcity & available players
  4. Ceiling, injury risk, ADP, and more!

You need a dynamic cheat sheet that easily live-syncs with your draft board and adapts throughout your draft using 17 crucial indicators.

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